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Our story

"We had been dreaming about this restaurant for a long time : just like us, joyful, lively, full of energy and modesty... but mostly environmentally-friendly ! 


So when the opportunity came up, it was just clear evidence. Having our own place, located in the middle of the green Burgundy countryside; working closely with local farmers concerned about their land; and using our creativity to enhance each ingredient and surprise you... there was no doubt about it !

Remaining highly grateful for everything that our Chefs and managers taught us, we now want to make up to the challenge of sharing our own way of loving gastronomy. 

Tout en restant extrêmement reconnaissants de ce que nous ont transmis nos précédents Chefs et directeurs de salle, le temps est venu de se lancer et de partager avec vous notre façon d’appréhender la cuisine aujourd’hui, avec simplicité, humilité et fierté. 


Remaining very grateful for everything our Chefs and managers taught us, we now want to make up to the challenge of sharing our own vision of gastronomy with simplicity and humbleness.

Drawing on our experience in renowned, stared restaurants as much as enriched by various travels abroad, we will buckle down to make sure every customer, every day, feel at home. 

Produits locaux bio, potager

Our vision

restaurant semur en auxois

As restaurant owners, we think we do have a part to play in addressing climate change issues and in preserving our land and earth. We have to work responsively ; and for us it meant giving a special attention to the sourcing of our products, and reducing our waste and carbon footprint as much as possible. 

With this in mind, we wanted to support short supply circuits, local sustainable farming and overall to enhance resources from Burgundy. We want to highlight the farmers’relentsless daily work, their love for their lands and beasts, in the purpose to offer our guests the healthier, tastier, most high quality products. 


So we took our car and drove through Burgundy, looking for organic products raised with respect to the environment.

What rich and blessed meetings we got to make ! So many committed men and women working to preserve their soil. 


"Favoring sustainable agriculture around us and supporting small and local retailers"

With that being said, you understand why we won’t serve you some tomatoes in March, some black cod from Canada nor some cage-reared poultries... The Burgundy region has so many resources to offer, why should we source our products from somewhere else ? 

There is only one thing we now are waiting for : meeting you and making your time with us unforgettable. 

restaurant cote d'or bourgogne
produits frais biologiques, producteur engagé
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