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By choosing to adapt to our producers and partners, the menu changes very regularly depending on the seasons and arrivals (every 15 days on average).

The dishes below may have already evolved during your visit; do not hesitate to ask us if you want to know what we are offering today!


Lunch menu: available on weekdays

Including a main dish that changes every week according to our producers and ideas !

Starter + Today's special + Dessert  36€

Starter +Today's special OR Today's main + Dessert 29€ 

Tasting menu: available every day

To taste several dishes !

 4 sequences (62€)

6 sequences (79€)


Menu for mid-May 2024

La carte evolves every 2 weeks on average, according on what our producers can offer, on seasons and on our Chef's ideas !

FAVORI 4.jpg
plat végétarien restaurant semur en auxois
dessert gourmand bourgogne
restaurant qualité produit semur en auxois
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